Fastrack System
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Fastrack System can be open to vehicular traffic 2 hours after application of top coat. This means that facilities can return back to service overnight! It is a crack bridging system for quick application and short downtimes.

The system comprises of a primer and a Top Coat. The high wearing resistance of the top coat allows for rigorous vehicle movement on car park and car ramps, suggesting excellent wear properties. Waterproofing properties can also be incorporated.

• Rapid cure
• Colour Stable
• Short “ready for vehicular traffic” times
• Excellent mechanical properties
• Hard wearing
• Elastic
• Crack bridging
• Excellent UV and weather resistance
• Attractive and aesthetically pleasing
• Easy to clean and maintain

Typical Applications:
• Intermediate and exposed car park decks and ramps
• Terraces and balconies
• Any other areas where a rapid curing, colour stable and elastic coating is required