Non-Gassing Coating System
- Applied in Cleanroom Environment without Shutdown

Non-Gassing Coating System provides solution to floor repair and restoration needs at cleanroom environment areas without compromising the safety of the most sensitive and expensive equipments.

During Application and upon curing, this coating system does not leach toxic/ corrosive ingredients that could damage delicate equipments existing in the facilities being restored.

Non-Gassing Coating System offers a “green mark” product certified by Singapore Environment Council (SEC) under Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS).

• Does not leach toxic / corrosive ingredients during applications and upon curing
• Does not contain any amine, ammonia or solvent
• Resistant to wide range of chemicals
• Seamless and hygienic
• Provides protection against both chemical and mechanical attack
• Can incorporate anti-static properties

Typical Applications:
• Cleanrooms
• Control rooms
• Laboratories
• Assembly plants
• High technology manufacturing facilities such as follows:
     — Semi-conductors
     — Micro-processing chips