Anti Microbial Coating System, Inhibits Growth of Bacteria, Fungi, Algae


Anti-Microbial Coating System inhibits the growth of micro organisms which are commonly found on surfaces that are exposed to us on a regular basis. In addition, this system offers excellent resistance against the generic bio-degradation of applied coatings commonly caused by these micro organisms.

 Inhibits growth of prevalent micro organisms
 Prevents common coating problems caused by microbes as follows:

      Dark spots
      Surface disfiguration
      Escalation of water permeability
      Loss of adhesion
      Spores reproduction (health hazard)

 Improves indoor hygiene
 Easy-to-maintain
 Environmentall-friendly

Typical Applications:
 Hospitals/Clinics
 Food & Beverage Processing Industries
 Laboratories
 Pharmaceutical Industries
 Toilets/Washrooms
 Restaurants/Cafeterias
 Any other areas where a clean environment is required.