Epoxy Decorative Flake is a system incorporates coloured PVC/ PVA chippings embedded in a base coat and sealed with clear, solvent free, epoxy resins. The resultant finishes are decorative, easily cleaned and process a high degree of resistance to chemical attack and hard wearing.

The system can be laid over existing floors (i.e.,ceramic tiles). It minimizes downtime and eliminates the cost needed to hack-off the existing floor.

 Decorative
 Hard wearing
 Good chemical resistance
 Contains no volatile solvents
 Non dusting
 Good abrasion resistance
 Hygienic
 Can be laid over tiled surfaces
 Can incorporate waterproofing system

Typical Applications:
 Hospital
 Hotel (Back of House)
 Pharmaceutical plant
 Petrol chemical industry
 Electronics factory
 Food processing facilities